Additional Services

BoxingFit is one of Australia’s largest boxing gyms, located in Port Melbourne. Our gym is well-known for it’s group fitness and boxing classes. However, we also offer so much more!

Additional Services offered at BoxingFit include 1:1 Boxing Training, 1:1 Personal Training, 1:1 Strength and Conditioning Training and Sparring Sessions.

1:1 Boxing Training

From beginners to advanced, book a session with one of our professional trainers to learn correct boxing skills and technique.

1:1 boxing training sessions can include pad work, shadow boxing, skipping and/or speed ball training.

Boxing Coaches Available: Alex, Liam G and Liam H

1:1 Personal Training

Book in a face to face PT session with one of our qualified trainers. Improve your overall health, fitness and strength by working closely with a trainer who will customise each workout to suit your unique goals.

Personal training sessions can include weight training, strength and conditioning work, HIIT circuits or cardio.

Trainers offering PTs at BoxingFit: Liam G and Alex

Sparring Sessions

Bring a friend and do a sparring session in the ring at BoxingFit! This will be supervised by one of our professional boxing coaches.

You will be required to wear a head guard, mouth guard and groin guard during your sparring session.

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