BoxingFit Classes

Our level of classes are based on Fitness Level not on Boxing Skill Level.

Lower Intensity Classes

Beginners Circuit

An Introduction into boxing for fitness for beginners, great fat burning class with low impact on the joints.

Boxing Circuit

This class is for all levels of fitness, using state of the art boxing equipment with a highly motivated professional boxing coaches who do hands on focus pad training throughout the entire class, great stress release.


This is a fat burning and toning cardio workout that is great for all levels of fitness, plus you get to bring your children with you in a pram. This class is for parents and children under 5 years.

Shadow Boxing

The ultimate endurance weight training workout for toning every major muscle group in your body. Suitable for all levels of fitness, this is a non-impact resistance training class using free weights and the art of boxing, a must try class.

Beginners Run Club

This BoxingFit Run Club is perfect for beginners just getting into running for the first time or anyone wanting to keep themselves accountable. Run Club goes for 30 minutes and is broken into intervals of slow-paced running and walking. The start and end point is at BoxingFit Port Melbourne. We will meet in front of the reception door. All Members and Non Members are welcome!

Medium Intensity Classes

Ab Boxer

This is an advanced abdominal class using boxers specialised ab routines -so if you are looking for a six pack make sure you do this class.

Ab Circuit

This is a high energy boxing Circuit class with two rounds of abs great- for people that are all levels of fitness. This 30 minute workout is a great fat burner!

Advanced Circuit

This class is for all levels of fitness, using all types of Boxing equipment learning some advanced combination on the -heavy bags – body bags-wall wedges-speedball-skipping and the blocks with lots of pad work and lot of high-intensity burst with a professional boxing coach.

Bag Circuit

Suitable for all fitness levels, this class is a high intensity fat burner with 30 second bursts on the bags. Using various combinations this class assists you in brushing up your boxing skills.

Booty Box

Booty Box is a class designed to target and tone your legs and glutes using a combination of bands, strength work and boxing too.

Box Out

Box out is based on the traditional Japanese Tabata method of training and is one of the fastest ways of increasing cardio fitness, while incorporating resistance strengthening. This is a great class to knock out the fat and get fit fast!

Cardio Box

Using our indoor sprint track and heavy bags, Cardio Box is a highly intense class working with a partner, for those that have a competitive edge.

Functional Boxer

A class incorporating interval, cardio and strength training. The perfect workout for burning fat and building lean muscle.

Functional Circuit

A fast paced circuit that will leave you reaching for your sweat towel at every station. Starting with boxing to get you warm, then we smash out 10 stations, twice through, 45 seconds of work each station. This class will leave you totally breathless!

Functional HIIT

An interval training class that will have you feeling stuffed  Starting with boxing to get you warm, then into a 20 second on, 10 second rest for a whole 3 minutes! You will be crawling out of the gym after this 30 minute class.

Hand Speed

A class that will have your arms feeling like jelly! You will be focusing on speed instead of strength. This will have to work up a sweat.

Sweat Box

An intermediate cardio class to test your fitness level. A real fat burner for 30 minutes non – stop.

Strength Box 

A full body workout that tones every muscle in your body with a bit of boxing on the side;  This one is a crowd favourite!


A class designed to help recover from hard training. Involves stretching and rolling muscles with the medicine ball.

Train with the Trainer (Alex, Adam, Liam G or Liam H)

A class designed by the trainer so each workout will never be the same.

Higher Intensity Classes


A highly intense cardio class using old school boxing training methods implemented by the best to shed kilos before their fights.

Bootcamp Box

Discover what professional boxing coaches and the army don’t want you to know in our advanced indoor Boot camp Boxing class.

Pad Work / Focus

An intermediate to advanced class where members work with a partner while an experienced and accredited boxing coach guides you through punching combinations.

Hard Core

An advanced class great for fat burning involving no breaks and no mercy, nothing but an extreme workout for the whole 30 minutes.

Kettle Box

An advanced class that focuses on strength and technique by combining boxing and kettle bell exercises.

Super Box

A High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Class for all levels of fitness great for brushing up on your boxing skills, fat burning and interacting with other members.

Fight Club/Sparring

An exclusive class for those advanced members seeking to experience competitive or corporate boxing. All sparring is under the guidance and supervision of BoxingFit Fighters Coach Liam Gallagher.