BoxingFit 24/7

Boxing, Cardio, Fitness & Weights Gyms

BoxingFit is one of Australia’s largest boxing gyms, located in Port Melbourne. Our warehouse-style gym has 2 boxing rings, a large group fitness class area, a dedicated weight training area, cardio equipment, bathrooms, an infrared sauna and 3 consultations rooms for our in-house trainers and nutritionist.

Melbourne’s Premier Boxing Fitness Gym

  • 24/7 gym access for members
  • Flexible array of membership options
  • 1:1 boxing training, boxing group classes, group fitness classes, a fully equipped weights & cardio gym
  • 80+ different classes per week, classes on the timetable to suit everyone
  • Classes range from easy to high intensity, conducted by our experienced trainers
  • Kids Club program teaches kids the fundamentals of boxing and self-defence
  • Our personal trainers & boxing coaches offer 1:1 training and fitness programs
  • Free parking right outside our front door
  • Infrared sauna to recover and rejuvenate 

There is no other gym in the area like us! Our classes range from beginners to advanced and are conducted by professional trainers. With over 80 classes per week, there’s a time to suit everyone.

We are open 24/7 to members and have a new fully equipped state of the art weights and cardio gym. Our coaches are available to assist you with your programs if need be.

Olympic Size Boxing Ring

A feature unique in Melbourne to BoxingFit, one of our two boxing rings is a full Olympic sized ring. Fully kitted in high end Jim Bradley equipment, backed by a full sized mirror, you’ll feel like a champion the moment you step in.

One on One Training
Our boxing coaches run boxing training and pad work sessions in the ring so you get the full experience. with all sparring sessions and Fight Nights.

Fight Camps
All our fight camps are run in the ring along with the Fight Nights we host there after.

Sparring Sessions
Members who choose to take part in Sparring Sessions either as part of Fight Camp or simply as a one off will have the opportunity to test their skills in a real olympic sized ring.

Group Classes

BoxingFit 24/7 Gyms offer a wide array of group classes. Classes are only 30 minutes long, both boxing and fitness, beginner through to advanced.

Beginner to Advanced
BoxingFit classes range from Beginner through to advanced. Explore our variety of classes here.

Boxing Classes
An array of classes focus on boxing both for fitness and for skills training.

Fitness Classes
Some classes are focused only on fitness, using body weights, resistance and free weights.

30 Minute Classes
All classes are 30 minutes long, stay for as many back to back classes as you like.

Arrive and participate
No need to book in for classes, simply arrive any time you like and take part.

Boxing Training

30 or 60 Minute PT Sessions with professional boxing coaches to work on your skills, do pad work or simply get some exercise.

Working in the ring with trained fighters, you’ll not only get a workout, you’ll learn valuable skills.

You can learn more about Boxing Training options here.

Strength and Conditioning

60 Minute Personal Training Sessions either on your own or with a group of friends.

🏋️ Upper and Lower Body
🏋️ Pin-Machine weights
🏋️ Free Weights
🏋️ Age appropriate training
🏋️ Working around injuries
🏋️ Cardio Exercises
🏋️ Body Weight Exercises

1:1 Personal Training sessions are $80 for an hour.
Small group training sessions (2-3 people) are $40 per person for an hour.

Learn more about Strength and Conditioning training here.