10 foods swaps to help you lose weight


We all want to look good this summer so we have made it a bit easier for you by making a list of 10 foods swaps to help you lose the weight faster.

  1. Add sugar free cordial to soda water instead of fizzy drinks
  2. Swap your ordinary sugar filled yoghurt for Greek yoghurt
  3. Have popcorn instead of chips
  4. Blend frozen fruit in a blender and have that instead of ice cream
  5. Spray your pan instead of pouring
  6. Use sweetener in your coffee instead of sugar
  7. Swap your store bought salad dressing to home made low calories ones
  8. Instead of reaching for the chocolate bar, reach for the protein bar
  9. Swap to cauliflower rice instead of normal rice
  10. When ordering out, swap to a small serving instead of large

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