Train like a professional fighter and take your boxing skills to the next level in a safe & supportive environment with BoxingFit Fight Club.

Coach Liam will take the Fight Club members through 4 training sessions per week. Each session will have a different focus, such as Padwork, Footwork, Sprints, Defence Drills, Sparring, Shadow Boxing and Recovery.

What’s Included in the Fight Club Membership?

The Fighters Membership includes our premium ‘All Inclusive Membership’ PLUS exclusive access to Fight Club classes and Saturday Sparring sessions.

  • 3 training sessions per week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights
  • Saturday sparring session
  • 24/7 access to BoxingFit facilities
  • Access to our weight training and cardio equipment
  • Access to all group fitness classes at BoxingFit
  • Unlimited use of our infrared sauna for recovery
  • Premium and customised coaching from Liam to become a real fighter
  • Discounted access to the BoxingFit Fight Camp’s and Fight Night events

Only $60 Per Week