Train With Alex

Train With Alex

Meet Alex Don, an experienced fighter, personal trainer and boxing coach.

Alex has been part of our team for over 14 years and is hugely loved by the entire BoxingFit community.

Alex has a great ability to make anyone feel comfortable with their training, whether they’re just starting out or they’re fully fledged experts.

Alex’s Services at BoxingFit

  • Group Boxing Training
  • 1:1 Pad Work
  • Fitness Training
  • Boxing Skills Development
  • Supervised Sparring Sessions
  • Fight Camp Coaching

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Alex Don

Alex is the kind of trainer you want on your side. An experienced fighter who knows the perfect blend of fitness and skill.

Alex begun his career training here at BoxingFit, learning his craft in the hallowed ring. Nearly 2 decades on he’s still bringing it to the table.

Loved by members and constantly booked out for PT sessions, Alex is the ideal trainer for someone who’s starting out and wants to learn the fundamentals of boxing.