Avocado – should I or shouldn’t I?


Avocados tend to scare people off as they are high in natural fat. Should you cut them out of your diet? NO! Eating an entire avocado a day may be a little too much, but adding a avocado to a salad or as a spread won’t tip you off the scales! Avocados are packed with so many nutrients and have powerful health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, preventing diabetes, cancers, stroke and heart disease, just to name a few. If that’s not enough, studies have proven that avocados promote a healthy body weight. Yes that’s right! They are loaded with fibre which helps with weight loss, metabolic health, and gives you a feeling of feeling fullness for longer!!

Now to the yummy bit, if you are making cookies or muffins, replace the butter with avocado, I promise you cannot taste the difference! Healthy cookies. Perfect!!

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